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Where is the testing occurring?
Your Hydrostatic body fat test will be in our mobile unit. Your Metabolic test will be in the mobile unit unless specifically noted. This is rare, and usually at corporate locations. Your Vo2 test will be administered in your home unless other arrangements are made.
What do I wear?
You need a bathing suit for the body fat test. The metabolic test does not require any specific attire. You are sitting and relaxing. You will need to dress for strenuous exercise when doing the vo2 sub max test. Appropriate footwear etc.
Will I get wet?
Only the body fat test occurs in the water. You will be fully immersed meaning your hair WILL get wet. Your makeup will wash off!
How do I book a test?
Individual tests are booked online. The calendar link will take you to the booking site. You must pay for your tests to confirm your appointment.
How do I book a group?
Group bookings are arranged by following these steps. Once we have received your request we will coordinate the event details with you, beginning with the date of testing and the rate to be charged for the services your group requires.
I missed my what?
If you miss your test without contacting us in advance we reserve the right to keep your payment for our time. However, we almost always will offer you another opportunity to complete your testing at a future date.
Who can use a Family Pack?
The Family Pack is intended for the use of immediate family members. We encourage you to email us with any questions about who may qualify as "immediate family" in prior to purchasing this package.
What is a 3 Dunk Package?
The three dunk package entitles the purchaser to 3 Hydrostatic Body Fat Tests. This is not transferrable. This does not include RMR (metabolic testing) or vo2 testing. This package must be used within 12 months of purchase. Why get 3? Most people test once and then will want a followup test to monitor their progress and identify any issues in their diet or training. This package offers a 3rd test for free to help you stay on track!
Is Body Fat Testing private?
Body Fat Testing appointments occur without breaks in between. Usually you will be completely finished before the next person arrives. Some overlap may occur but we strive to keep you as comfortable as possible. For some that means leaving the door open during testing, and for others it means wearing a long, loose fitting t-shirt over their bathing suit. We will certainly work with your individual needs so please contact us with your concerns.