Camera 2020

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Camera Study

Collection Team and Participants required.
Participants paid $100 for 45 minutes of their time in their own home.
Collection Team paid $35 per person to collect videos.
Excel Team paid $15 per person to name video files and update excel sheets.

This in home study requires participants to complete a series of 2 minute videos performing normal household activities while interacting with the person behind the camera, as if they were on a web call.



55+ African American still Required!

30+ Hispanic Latino still Required!

Paid $100 upon successful completion.  Payments made Saturday each week.


  1. Must be over 18 years.
  2. Phase 1 must be of the following ethnicity:
  3. African American (110 required, 55 Female, 55 Male) 
  4. Hispanic (110 required, 55 Female, 55 Male

When the Collection Team member arrives you will complete the following tasks:

  • NDA  - please sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Intake form including age, gender, ethnicity, skin tone.
  • Between 8, 2 minute videos including:
  1. 30 second, 360 degree videos of the room without anyone in it.
  2. 7 second Videos of face, looking up, down, and to both sides. (9 times)
  3. Video where you change the lighting by opening curtains or turning on lights.
  4. Video where you leave the camera view (leave the room) for 10 seconds and then return.
  5. Video where you put on a sweatshirt or similar clothing where you face is briefly obscured.
  6. Video where an adult is present in the background.
  7. Video where the participant is blocked by another person.
  8. Video simulating a typical zoom call.
  9. Video moving close and far from camera
  10. Video moving fast and slow such as stretching and jumping jacks.

Interested in being a participant?  Please email with your details so we can have a collection team member assigned to you.

Phone Number
Skin Tone

Please refer your  friends and family members as well!


Collection Team

5 more Required!

Paid $35 per Video Set upon successful completion.  Payments made Saturday each week.

Excel entry and video naming pays an additional $15 per person but is not required.

  1. Must be over 18 years.
  2. Will be provided a camera to go record the video sets in the participant's home.
  3. Initially we would like potential collection team members to provide a list of at least 10 interested Participants (friends, family etc.) that they would record.
  4. Will coordinate the collection schedule with their participants.
  5. Will ensure NDA and Intake Form is complete.
  6. Will coordinate with Aeron for pick up and delivery of equipment.

Interested in being a part of the Collection Team?  Please email with your phone number, general availability to collect, and the general area you are willing to collect.  If you have 10 potential African American or Hispanic participants ready, you will almost certainly be invited to collect. 


Why ethnicity?

The goal in all of the studies we are invited to run is to provide as diverse a sample set as possible.  We have had great success reaching participants generally not available to science or engineer teams.

What about Covid?

Our ideal scenario is to find Collection Team members who can keep the interactions to their social circle.  We will have a mandatory sanitation protocol for the collection team.

What about under 18?

Minors can be present in  the home but should not appear in the videos.


Please submit additional questions so we can add them here!!