Manual Measure Study

Paid Body Composition Study! 

Bookings will be made based on participant availability and schedule changes may be made when demographic requirements are met. As of 10/20 there are NO CAUCASIAN spots available. Thank you!


This short, 20 minute study requires participants to receive circumference measures as well as receive a 3D body scan, Dxa composition scan, and reference photos.

Your appointment will include the following:

  1. Circumference measurements in about 7 locations
  2. Styku 3D scan to create a 3D model of their body, take circumference measures, and estimate body fat.
  3. DXA Scanner will measure body composition (bone/fat).  Please note this is low dose radiation scanning at 0.4 uSv.  You receive about 10 uSv in a normal day and about 20 uSv flying across the country in an airplane.
  4. Reference images will be taken. (Faces will be covered at all times)


Day-of Requirements:

  • Project Participants are to be minimally clothed in the photos. A changing space is available.
  • Men to be shirtless, with form fitting shorts.
  • Women are required wear a two-piece bathing suit or sports bra and form fitting shorts.
  • Clothing must not alter the participant’s silhouette.
  • Shorts must not go below mid-thigh.
  • There must be sufficient space between clothing hem and navel. Navel must not be covered by hem.
  • If the Project Participant has long hair, it must be put up in a bun. 
  • Project Participants must remove all jewelry before having pictures taken.

Please also note...

  • Must not have participated in our May/June 2021 study. This is not a follow up. 
  • Expect to commit approximately 25 minutes.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Will be paid $50 upon completion.

 In addition to our Morgan Hill location, we will also be at the following gyms on the listed days. Times will vary. To book at a specific location, click on your preferred location. (More locations to come)




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