DEVICE 5 - Activity List

DEVICE 5 - Thursday 24th and Friday 25th

Volunteers still needed.   $200 -  Send name, email, phone, height, weight, age, gender plus availability.  

16895 Oak Glen Ave, Morgan Hill  (THERE IS NO GATE, the google street view image is our neighbor)


Bring workout clothing and appropriate footwear for everything from walking and bike riding to brushing your teeth!  

You will need to bring snacks and a lunch.  

Expected duration is 9 am till between 5 and 6 pm.


6 - 12 participants, half male, half female, bmi + height distribution must be considered when we select the volunteers.


  1. Your Age, Height, Weight, Shoe Size, Gender
  2. Thursday available?
  3. Friday available?
  4. if needed...28-31st available?


Our task includes measuring the following activities:

  1. Walking while texting
  2. Loading dishwasher
  3. Washing hands
  4. Driving - Highway, City
  5. Sitting on couch
  6. Desk work
  7. Walking up and down stairs

2nd tier activities:

  1. Slow walking on grass, road, treadmill, gradient
  2. Normal walking on grass, road, treadmill, gradient
  3. Fast walking on grass, road, treadmill, gradient
  4. Jogging on grass, road, treadmill, gradient
  5. Sprint on grass, road, treadmill

3rd tier activities:

  1. Pushing stroller
  2. Brushing teeth
  3. Biking on and off road
  4. Eating

 Email your  availability to

Text your questions to Aeron 408.914.5273