Data Collection Details

Fitness Wave Nor Cal

2018 Data Collection Project

NEW LOCATION AS OF JAN 31 2019: 685 E 14th St, San Leandro at INNER ATHLETE

  1. Project Details
  2. Participant Information
  3. Assessment Protocol 

Project Details

 Fitness Wave Nor Cal has been contracted to collect a third round of unique data sets.  The data collected includes photos, Bioimpedance Composition, Bodpod Composition, Circumference Measures, BMI, and Hydrostatic Composition Measures.   This data is for a company’s internal use.  Your photos are not used publicly in any way.  Your name, email, and other personal information is only know to Fitness Wave Nor Cal and is not provided with the collected data.

Participant Information ­

 Cost: FREE for participants meeting Ethnicity requirements:


African American

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must sign waiver and nondisclosure agreement
    • 2 piece, bikini or sports bra style for women (extra suits available on site).  
    • Biker shorts/Underwear style for men.
    • Any bathing suit for the Hydrostatic assessment.
  • Must comply with eating, drinking and exercise requirements.
    • No exercise prior to testing
    • No food 4 hours prior to testing
    • Minimal drinking immediately prior to testing.
  • Participant receives all measured data except photos and video capture.
  • Participant understands that this is data collection and not consulting.


Testing Protocol

 30 minute testing time.

Participant arrives before start time.  A waiting room and bathroom is available.

All testing is private.  Changing spaces are private. Up to 3 data collectors will be in the room during the assessments.



  • Read and sign intake paperwork.
  • Change into appropriate, form fitting clothing.
  • Photos are taken. Hair must be pulled out of the way.  Front, Side, Rear view.
  • 360 degree Video Capture
  • Bioimpedance Analysis
  • Bodpod Analysis


  • Participant will walk out of the assessment office through part of the gym and into the Fitness Wave truck. A robe or other easy to wear clothing is not required but you may prefer this while you walk outside.
  • Circumference Measurements
  • Hydrostatic Analysis

At the end of the process some of your results will be provided immediately.  Additionally, a summary page will be emailed with all of the data collected.  

If you have any questions please send them to